Annelie Wallin

Annelie is not only our Head of Finance and Administration, she is also the first person you are likely to get in touch with when calling or visiting us. Annelie grew up in the southern parts of Sweden and got a bachelor degree in history and Swedish at Kristianstad University. She worked a couple of years as a saleswoman and make-up artist before she saw Flodellfilm searching for a new office manager in 2008 and decided to apply.

We were all immediately smitten by her charm and caring personality and hired her almost on the spot. Since then Annelie has advanced in her role and is today not only the ruler of pens and telephones but also of paychecks and invoices.

If there is anything you need to know or can’t find; Annelie is the person to ask. She knows everything that goes on within these walls and is the one that keeps us all in check. She’s a though cookie but don’t let the tattoos fool you; Annelie is an absolute darling inside.