Karina Stääv Ardelius

All ready in her teens Karina was all about filmmaking. She went from running movie projectors at Sandrew Films, assisting B-movie director Mats Helge Olsson (known for “Ninja Mission”) and styling wardrobes for TRAKTOR’s early work to become a producer at Pettersson Åkerlund where Anton Corbijn, Bono and Roxette were houseguests.Here she produced everything from 1-dollar music videos to major commercial campaigns for clients such as Pepsi, SAS and ACO.

Her career continued at Tre Vänner and Happytear, where she made campaigns for brands like Kraft and Unilever and at Chamdin & Stöhr she produced for example around 70 unique worldwide TV spots for H&M.

Getting into her forties Karina decided to use her midlife crisis to explore more sides of herself and started to take classes at Stockholm University. Now with a bachelor degree in marketing, film and psychology she is not only a kick-ass producer but also handles strategic planning and marketing at Flodellfilm. Karina has the bubbly energy of a ten year old and when not at work she loves her yoga and everything that involves family and close friends.